Terms & Conditions

October 2nd 2020

1. Registration
Registration for all classes, lessons and workshops must be done electronically through registration form or the weekly doodle sent out on Sundays 7:00 pm to all active participants . Upon successful registration through registration form, the participant will receive a written confirmation. Participants can also register through the doodle link up to 24 h hours before the start of the course. The registrations are considered on a first come first serve basis. Registration is binding and obliges the participant to pay the course fees even if he/she does not attend the course. By registering, the participant confirms that he/she has read and accepted the general terms and conditions.

2. Payment terms
The fees at the time of registration apply.  Subscriptions will be paid in cash or via Twint by the participants in the studio or by bank transfer no later than before the second lesson. Payment for single lessons and workshops must be made in cash in the studio and before the lesson begins.

3. Cancellation
Cancellation of a class, workshop or lesson can be made in writing by e-mail or through the doodle up to 24 hours before the start of the course.
In case of a later cancellation, the full costs will be due. In case of a subscription, missed lessons can be made up on other course days within the validity period of the subscription. The subscription to Mandy Candy’s Pole Dance Studio can be extended by the corresponding duration of the dispensation on presentation of a medical certificate. Remaining lessons of the subscription cannot be refunded.

4. Validity
Subscriptions are personal and non-transferable. Subscriptions are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

5. Changes
Mandy Candy’s Pole Dance Studio reserves the right to make changes to the class schedule, fees and terms and conditions at any time. For important reasons, such as low attendance, classes, workshops and lessons may be rescheduled or cancelled.

6. Privacy Policy
The participant agrees to the privacy policy.

7. Liability
The insurance is the responsibility of the participants. No liability is accepted for injuries and accidents. Participation in the classes is at your own risk. Any illnesses, injuries and complaints must be reported to the instructor before the lesson begins. No liability will be accepted for theft or loss of personal belongings.